Nice to see you here.

You might be wondering why a husband and wife duo would venture into the boudoir photography world together.. and well the answer is by accident. We never planned on being here but we are so happy that we are! Creating with so many amazing people with such intricate stories is the best part of this adventure!

Our bios below explain a little bit more about how we got here!

Couples Boudoir

Outdoor Couples Boudoir in Oregon

Corey's Bio

I’m Corey Madson, half of the name behind Authentically Kind Boudoir and the main one behind the camera.


Photography has been a means of expression for me since I took my first photography class in high school. It all started with black and white film and I was fortunate enough to take a few more classes in college. After college my career in the music industry started to take off and I switched my focus, touring with a multitude of acts in even more roles. Eventually, I was lucky enough to be on tour with Nickelback, and my role with them allowed me to start doing photography. I was able to be their tour photographer for a European leg of one of our tours.


Once I’d gotten home from that tour, I found myself wanting to shoot more people and eventually shooting boudoir. Helping someone feel beautiful and creating art in ways that celebrate each persons distinct features has been the driving force behind my work. In the summer of 2019, Karen and I met and immediately began creating together. The way our styles and creativity flow together really set us apart in the boudoir photography world. We create with the client in mind. We create to make you feel comfortable, confident, and incredible.

Karen's Bio

Hi! I’m Karen!


I came into the picture in 2019 when I just happened to be visiting Corey during a time when he had a shoot scheduled and fell in love with the process. I have always loved boudoir photography so it was a natural fit! Editing, designing, adjusting, safety pinning- those are my specialties. I like to think of myself as the photo fairy. I design the studio spaces and I am also the one who edits all of the images. In addition to running around, adjusting hair and holding up Pinterest inspiration on my phone I work behind the camera to capture your best assests! I will walk you through each pose and even help you with the ever so awkward hand placement!

I strongly believe that boudoir is for everyone. It takes all kinds of kinds to create art that displays human beauty!


Other than photography I love houseplants, interior design, spooky things, and tik tok (lolz). When Corey and I aren't shooting we are chasing our two boys and renovating a 40ft school bus into our tiny home! We love to adventure and appriciate the heck out of a beautiful drive- so lets go somewhere cool! 

The Process

01. Connect

Contact us via our website to start taking about your shoot dreams! We focus on celebrating you and the first part of that is knowing what you want!

Share your ideas

02. Confirm

Once we have had time to discuss the shoot desires and which package you would like we will confirm your shoot by booking a day!

mark your calendar

03. Create

We will discuss outfits, locations and determine if you'd like hair and makeup before hand but the fun part is next! It's all about you! The day of your shoot we will discuss outfit choices, go over poses, and dual shoot the entire process.

it's all about you

04. Celebrate

You did it! Celebrate yourself and your body because you deserve it!

After the shoot we will send you a sneak peek within the week. You can expect your full gallery delivered to you within in month!